Tasty Tomatoes and Affordable Vineyards


Have you ever wondered why store-bought tomatoes never taste as good as ones grown from the garden or at the farmer’s market? Scientist’s have discovered that 93 percent of modern, domesticated tomato varieties are actually missing the gene that gives tomatoes their flavor.

A study of genomic information of 725 wild and domestic tomatoes was compared to the domestic tomato Heinz 1706. A side by side comparison showed that the Heinz 1706 was missing close to 5,000 genomes that the others had. Besides making the tomato tastier, these genomes also allowed the tomatoes to defend themselves against pathogens better.

The tomato lost these genes via selective breeding from farmers, and not from genetic modifications. Luckily the gene is making a comeback, what used to be found only in 2 percent of tomatoes in now found in 7 and will hopefully rise to greater heights.

All I can think about is how much better my Pomodoro sauce is going to be in a couple of years when scientists and farmers figure this out. Also what other fruit and vegetables are nowhere close to their potential because of selective breeding? I’m sure 99 percent of apples don’t taste as good as their supposed to, and there are probably some bananas with more banana-y flavors or a carrot that only tastes like a carrot.


How do you make a small fortune in Napa? Start with a large fortune and buy a vineyard!

Napa has become so expensive that a winemaking husband and wife who wanted to start making wine in Napa, the place that they called home. Steve Lawrence and Diana Lucz have worked in the wine business for decades, were both making high salaries, had impressive resumes, but simply could not afford anything in Napa.

Most Napa Vineyards up for sale are being bought by large corporations or the top of the 1%. Even small vineyards can start at $7 million. Steve and Diana bought an entire Chateau in Bordeaux for under $500,000 instead

They now own a 7 acres Chateau with 5 acres of grapevines and are able to sell their own wine back home in California for an incredibly affordable price. Their bottles of Chateaux La Corne retail for $16.95



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