Coffee Coffee Coffee with Chris Saphire

the coffee beans on vintage wooden background

Fresh off the heels of his Second Place Victory for Best Cold Brew in the USA, my favorite Barista in the world Chris Saphire stopped by the studio to talk to us about all things coffee. Tune in to the segment and learn all about 3rd Wave Coffee, Flat Whites, Sourcing and Roasting Beans, and anything else you can possibly think of. Chris teaches us so much in a short period of time its really incredible and definitely a must listen.

What We’re Drinking

Mike’s Drink: Old Pal

Tom said I did this one already. I probably did. I really wanted one last weekend so I stopped by a random bar, saw that they didn’t have Campari so I left. This drink is essentially a Dry Vermouth Boulevardier

1 oz Bourbon

1 oz Campari

1 oz Dry Vermouth

Stir over ice, strain and pour over rocks

Garnish with Orange Peel


Chris’ Drink: Ginger Old Fashion

2 oz bourbon

1 oz Ginger Syrup(Just Ginger and Water)

Orange Peel

Muddle the Ginger and orange peel, add bourbon

Chris makes his own ginger syrup with no sugar and just drinks it with bourbon. Fresh and delicious

Tom’s Drink: N/A

We ran out of time this week and Tom didn’t get to give one


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