Councilman Lincoln Restler on upcoming changes in Greenpoint


On May 2 – on the Day of the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad – New York City Councilman Lincoln Restler, visited Radio RAMPA studio . Councilman represents District 33, including Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

It’s been 18 months since the Councilman started his work at the City Hall. He began his term together with a newly appointed Mayor Eric Adams and virtually new New York City council. In an interview with Monika Adamski, the councilman talks about what he considers his election promise fulfilled, as well as about the challenges he is working on – like the budget of the city of New York. The councilman emphasizes that he believes that more funds should be allocated to local issues and interests of the city’s residents.

Councilman Restler talks about plans already underway to create a new park in Greenpoint, and also remind us about his plan to create a new elementary school in the district.

Councilman Restler said in an interview that he has taken steps to create more affordable housing opportunities in his district – he explains where the new affordable housing will be available, and stresses that the income threshold to qualify for it will range from $40,000 to $70,000 a year. Councilman Restler also comments on the high cost of living in the city.

In the interview, the councilman discusses plans for planned redesign of McGuinness Blvd and he provides an update on the construction of a homeless shelter on Apollo Street in Greenpoint. Councilman gives Radio RAMPA an important assurance as to the situation with the building of the former Polonez restaurant – the building, which is now in the hands of the new owner, is in a deplorable condition on the outside – it is covered with graffiti, and its roof over the pavement in front of its entrance has suffered some damage – this poses a threat to the passers-by . On May 4, the Councilor’s office confirmed to the editors of Radio RAMPA that the first steps – after this interview – to address that, had already been taken.


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