Crab Sandwiches, KFC, Jay-Z


This week in Food News:

Tokyo Ale Works, a brewery in Tokyo, debuted its Kani Burger. Kani means crab in Japanese and the burger swaps out deep fried soft shell crab for buns, and crabmeat, lettuce, and tomatoes in between the 2 crab “buns”. This is essentially the KFC Double Down, on steroids and fancy. The burger looks so good that Bettina Makalintal from Munchies declared that “All burgers should have entire deep fried crab instead of buns” and I would have to agree. Tom thinks all burgers should have buns and a crab inside of it.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Indonesia is beginning to sell Fried Chicken Skins for $1 a bag. They are capitalizing on unhealthy snack food, and this is for sure going to be a hit. Hopefully, they decide to bring it to the US. If they do, I’ll definitely have to try it. Source

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man” Famed Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z has become Hip-Hop’s first Billionaire. The vast majority of his net worth has come from his investments in Ace of Spades Champagne and Dusse Cognac. He is also an investor in the 40/40 Club, The Brooklyn Nets, Tidal, and has many other business ventures. Source



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