Must Try Foods In New Orleans


With Mardi Gras on the way Tom talks about his favorite eats in his favorite city The Big Easy, New Orleans Louisiana!

Cafe Du Monde– The home of Chicory Coffee and Beignets

Antoine’s – One of the oldest restaurants in America. The Home of the Oysters Rockefeller, and a truly beautiful restaurant with multiple different rooms that are all beautiful

Brennan’s – Creole Restaurant, inventors of the Banana Foster

Cochon– A more modern Cajun NOLA Restaurant, one of Tom’s favorites

The Mufuletta Sandwich-An Italian Cold Cut Sandwich known for the salad on top and the round bread it is made on

Gumbo– A Creole stew made with a strongly flavored stock, a shellfish or meat, and a thickening agent. There is Gumbo in NOLA and then there is Gumbo everywhere else, it’s just never as good

Crawfish Boil– Large Format Communal Eating during Crawfish Season. Zatarain’s spices are used, everything is boiled and dumped onto a long table topped with newspapers.

Did we miss your favorite NOLA Restaurant or Dish? Are you going to cook some incredible Cajun or Creole food? DM us or tag us on Instagram and Twitter @NotAFoodieShow


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