Listener Mail – Uses for Leftover Bacon Grease


We got another DM! Blake from Alabama is currently on The Keto Diet and has a ton of leftover Bacon Fat. Tom and Mike propose a few different ideas including Bacon Fat Washed Bourbon, Bitters and using it for Zoodles. Tom also lets the world know he has at least 4 types of animal fat in his refrigerator at any time

How to Fat-Wash Bourbon


1 1/2 Oz of Bacon Fat
1 750 Oz Bottle of Bourbon


  1. Warm Bacon Fat in Saucepan on Low Heat
  2. Stir until it melts
  3. Combine the melted fat with the bourbon in a nonreactive container(Glass works great)
  4. Infuse for four hours then freeze for 2
  5. Remove solid fat and then strain through cheese cloth back into bottle


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