Family of 61-year-old Cory Margolis from New York City is asking Radio RAMPA to share this message – if the right person decides to help, another person’s life can be saved. 

Cory Margolis is a close friend of one of Radio RAMPA’s listeners from New York City. In march of 2020, Cory got COVID-19. He was also diagnosed with pneumonia at the same time. The sickness kept Cory in hospital for a long time – over 40 days under the ventilator. He was given 10% chances of survival. 

When Cory eventually woke up and was taken off the ventilator, he could not walk, talk or write. He underwent a rehabilitation process, and in May 2020, he was finally released from the hospital. 

He was recovering well, until June 2020. He then started becoming yellow and was diagnosed with jaundice. The doctors concluded, that the coronavirus damaged Cory’s liver. Despite the doctors’ efforts, Cory’s health deteriorated. Now, in order to survive, Cory needs a liver transplant – the most certain way to succeed with the transplant, is to find a living donor. 

Emotionally, this is a very challenging time for the family. Cory is married, and has a 13-year-old son. The son became the man of the family, and is bravely supporting his mom. Cory, as his friends say, tries to and is very good at staying optimistic and positive – thanks to this attitude, Cory also managed to overcome many obstacles throughout last year. 

The family is praying for a living donor – liver transplant living donor – the sooner the donor is found, the better the chances for Cory’s survival… What is important – living donors only give away 1/3 of their liver to the patient. Within 8-10 weeks, both the donor and the recipient will “re-grow” and develop full sized livers (liver is the only organ in body that does it). In order to become a living donor for Cory, a person must have any A blood type, be healthy, in age between 18-45 years old. The family works with an amazing transplant team at NYU Langone. The family also assures that there will be no cost to the donor – the cost of the after care will also be covered. 

If you think you could help, please contact:


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