Rampa News guest is Ben Solotaire, a democratic candidate for New York City Council, representing District 33.

Currently, Solotaire serves as a Community Liaison and Director of Participatory Budgeting for City Councilmember Stephen Levin. He was a member of the Steering Committee of Participatory Budgeting NYC for 8 years.

Solotaire talks about the biggest accomplishments of his career. He talks about his experience and ties to Polish-American community. He acknowledges who he endorses for NYC Mayor in the upcoming elections. 

Solotaire also discusses safety and his plan for reforming and financing NYPD. He addresses education, and every day life issues like congestion and parking issues in district 33. 

Check www.PolishAmericanVote.org

Radio RAMPA/Rampa News extended invitation for an interview to all major candidates for NYC Mayor and District 33 NYC Council candidates. We will be publishing the interviews with those who accepted the invitation on our English-language website www.RampaNews.com, and Polish-language website www.RadioRAMPA.com. We encourage eligible voters to register (deadline is May 28), and take part in elections (primaries are June 22). More information and to register, visit: Register to Vote | NYC Board of Elections   


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