Kardashians and Fast Food, Human Cheese, New Coke


Kim Kardashian vs Jack in The Box

In Food News this week, the most famous person in the world, Kim Kardashian tweeted to Jack in The Box about something she saw at one of their locations. She didn’t want to “fully put them on blast” so she told them to DM her. In response, multiple other fast food outlets used this opportunity to tweet their Jack in The Box takes at her. This included Wendy’s, Burger King, and Hooters. Check out a roundup of the best tweets here¬†

Human Cheese

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London took cultures from multiple celebrities to make cheese out of them. This included Chef Heston Blumenthal’s crotch DNA to make actual “Fromunda Cheese.” Currently, these cheese’s are being tested to see if they are edible, but regardless they are on display at the V&A currently.

I told Tom that I think this is the first step into human cloning. When history looks back at where cloning started, they won’t look at Dolly the Lamb, but rather at this exhibit which was meant to show bacteria in a different light.


New Coke

This July 4th, The third season of Stranger Things is going to be released on Netflix. It was an instant hit full of 80’s Nostalgia, compelling storylines, and great acting.¬† Every season progresses in time and highlights what was going on in then-current events. Last season there were Reagan/Bush and Mondale/Ferraro signs in front of multiple houses. This season, everybody is drinking New Coke.

New Coke was created to be sweeter and smoother, but everybody hated it. The complaints about the new product were like nothing Coca-Cola had ever anticipated. They brought back “Classic” Coke and sold both products together for some time, eventually renaming “New Coke” to “Coke II” but took the product off the shelves silently in 2002.

Coke has teamed up with Stranger Things to bring back New Coke for online sales and in select vending machines and retail stores. This is one of many partnerships that Stranger Things and Netflix have set up for this summer, others include H&M and Baskin Robbins. The director’s twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer said no money exchanged hands with Coke, but they did get to direct the newest Coca Cola commercial



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