Interview with Jack Ciattarelli, Republican candidate for NJ Governor


Rampa News guest is Jack Ciattarelli, Republican candidate for the governor of the State of New Jersey.

The residents of the state will vote on November 2, and they will have to choose between Ciattarelli, a Republican, and Phil Murphy, a Democrat and current governor of the state. Early voting starts October 23. 

In an interview with Rampa’s editor-in-chief Monika Adamski, Ciattarelli talks about the changes he will introduce, if elected. He believes New Jersey needs fixing, and that he and his cabinet, are able to deliver what is needed. He also says, that the first thing he will do when elected is go to those districts that do not voted for him and talk to people, so that they can put differences aside and work on fixing New Jersey together. 

Ciattarelli talks about his COVID-19 response – he says he will roll back the vaccine mandates, as well as mask requirements for children in schools – he believes these are personal choices. He also believes that the current state’s unemployment system needs fixing, as many individuals are misusing it, and therefore, there is many workers who do not want to go back to work, while the economy is in a dire need of recovering. 

He talks about his stances on schools and how he wants to roll back the state’s LGBTQ curriculum. 

Ciattarelli’s main goal is to reduce the property taxes – to achieve this he wants to reform the taxpayer funding of public schools. He also wants to incentivize the consolidation of small NJ municipalities, although as he stresses, he will not demand it. 

Ciattarelli wants to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks, he opposes taxpayer funding of abortion and so-called “Reproductive Freedom Act.”

He wants to enact Voter ID requirements and introduce a system to remove inactive or deceased voters from the voter rolls.

Ciattarelli also talks about fixing MVC and his support for state IDs for undocumented immigrants. 

At the end, Ciattarelli also talks about how he will defeat Phil Murphy, who has support of big names in Democratic Party, like Joe Biden and Barack Obama.


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