Councilman Robert Holden on NYC Vaccine Mandate, Elections and District 30th local issues


Rampa News guest is Councilman Robert Holden representing District 30th in Queens – Maspeth, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Woodhaven and Woodside. Councilman Holden won Democratic Primaries in June, and therefore, without any other competition, although on a ballot on November 2, he is practically the winner of the race for this seat.

Councilman Holden in conversation with Radio RAMPA, talks about the NYC COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, which goes into effect on Monday, November 1, for 160 000 city workers. Councilman believes that Mayor Bill de Blasio should be willing to compromise and give those essential workers an option to e.g. gest tested. Councilman admits that the City Council could act on its own, but there has not been any discussion about that yet. The city faces shortages of essential staff workers among NYPD, FDNY or sanitation workers, starting Monday.

Councilman Holden also discusses the mayoral election race in the City – although he does not want to openly endorse anyone, he emphasizes how important it is to go out and vote on November 2. Councilman Holden also talks about his visit to Rikers Island and shares his insights – the topic is one of the many, that is being very important to this mayoral race. 

Rampa News also asks about local issues pertaining to District 30th: complains about noise issues and theft of catalytic converters.



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