Interview with Eric Adams, candidate for NYC mayor


Rampa News guest is Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor. Eric Adams has been Brooklyn Borough President since 2014. Before that, he served in the New York State Senate representing 20th Senate District in Brooklyn. Adams served in NYPD for 22 years, rising to the rank of captain. While at NYPD, Eric Adams was an advocate for criminal justice reform, spoke against police brutality and racial profiling.

In an interview with Monika Adamski, Eric Adams assesses performance of Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Mayor’s administration response to COVID pandemic. 

Adams shares his position on police reform – to bring back the anti-crime unit would be his priority, when becoming Mayor. He talks about his idea of police reform. Adams also addresses the fact, that NYC Police Benevolent Association officially supported former President Donald Trump in last presidential campaign, saying he did not express the same opinion. 

Eric Adams also spoke about economy and his plan to bring back jobs lost during the pandemic. He also addresses the issue of City becoming less and less affordable, and what solution would he see fit to get rid of that problem. 

Adams  talks about education; vaccines – whether or not he will institute a mandate for people to get vaccinated, and his experience with Polish community in New York. Eric Adams is very familiar with the neighborhood of Greenpoint, where he served in 94th Precinct.

Radio RAMPA/Rampa News extended invitation for an interview to all major candidates for NYC Mayor. We will be publishing the interviews with those who accepted the invitation on our English-language website, and Polish-language website We encourage eligible voters to register (deadline is May 28), and take part in elections (primaries are June 22). More information and to register, visit: Register to Vote | NYC Board of Elections   


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