Interview with Maya Wiley, candidate for NYC Mayor


Rampa News guest is Maya Wiley, Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor. Maya is a racial justice and equity advocate; she served as Counsel to the Mayor Bill de Blasio on, among others, civil and immigrant rights, women and minority owned business contracts. She served as a Chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, and Co-Chair of the School Diversity Task Force. She also was a University Professor at New School. 

In conversation with Monika Adamski, editor in chief of Radio RAMPA, Maya Wiley shares her position on improving city’s economy, especially after covid – she details her support plan for small businesses, which includes lowering the cost of doing business and providing relief on taxes and regulations.

Maya addresses safety concerns raised by many constituents – almost 800 shootings were recorded in the summer period from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2020. Rampa News asks Maya, what is her approach to NYPD policing and NYPD reform. She is for redirecting some funds from NYPD budget, and spending it on, e.g. Participatory Justice Fund. She is for gun reform concentrated around therapeutic and educational approach. 

Maya also talks about education, including her take on gifted and talented program. 

At the end, Maya shares her experience with Polish community in New York, and her connection to Greenpoint. 


Radio RAMPA/Rampa News extended invitation for an interview to all major candidates for NYC Mayor. We will be publishing the interviews with those who accepted the invitation on our English-language website, and Polish-language website We encourage eligible voters to register (deadline is May 28), and take part in elections (primaries are June 22). More information and to register, visit: Register to Vote | NYC Board of Elections 


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