Assemblyman Lentol answers concerns over G Train


After Rampa News interview with Assemblyman Joseph Lentol  was aired, some voiced their concerns about the state of the troubled G Train. The matter is a source of concerns, especially from the residents of North Brooklyn. 

Can you pls help your constituents get a full complement of trains on the G line?” the question from Elizabeth Cunningham stated. 

Assemblyman’s office replied in the email to Rampa News:

There should be more G train cars. Assembly Member Lentol has always been an advocate for better service and increased car capacity on the G train. Specifically, he has fought for more cars on the G train for a long time. Attached are correspondence between Assembly Member Lentol and the MTA on this topic – going back to 2008. Unfortunately, the MTA’s response to Assembly Member Lentol’s demand for increased cars has always been that the amount of cars is sufficient for G train ridership levels. Assembly Member Lentol staunchly disagrees with the MTA’s position and will continue to advocate for more cars on the G train because North Brooklyn residents need to have reliable transportation means.

Here is the referred correspondence from 2008, 2015 and 2016:

MOA Lentol MTA G Train 2015

MOA Lentol MTA G Train 2008

MOA Lentol MTA G Train 2016


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