Assemblyman Joseph Lentol on criminal reform, protecting tenants laws and changes coming in 2020


Rampa News guests was assemblyman Joseph Lentol, representing district 50 in the New York State Assembly. 

In the conversation with Monika Adamski, Assemblyman Lentol sums up year 2019 and talks about whats planned for 2020. 

Assemblyman Lentol talks about the new laws protecting the rights of tenants, criminal justice reform, including discovery reform and controversial bail reform. 

Assemblyman talks about “Under the K” project that is being build under the new Kosciuszko Bridge, as well as updates on congestion pricing plan.

Other matters discussed include Safety Act and Safe Way Home Act, drivers license for undocumented immigrants, homeless situation and legalization of marijuana.

At the end, we ask for Assemblyman’s comment on upcoming elections, where he will face a contender first time in the decade.


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