CEO of Polish & Slavic FCU, Bogdan Chmielewski summarizes 2019


Rampa News guests is CEO of Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union Bogdan Chmielewski. Chmielewski summarizes 2019: the year proved to be a milestone in PSFCU’s history – the Union reached 2 billion dollars in assets, and reached 100 000 members. 

Chmielewski also talks about Credit Union’s ties to Greenpoint and New York. He explains why not only Polish population should use PSFCU’s services, and what makes PSFCU’s better choice than a bank.

Chmielewski also reminds about many actions that PSFCU’s is undertaking during the year, e.g. rising of the flag by its main branch on McGuinness Avenue and putting out banners reminding about Polish history in Times Square. 


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