2018 Politics Year in Review- A View From the Right


Western New York Defense Attorney Mario J. Fratto has always been a type of person to say what is on his mind. When candidate Donald Trump entered the political arena, Trump’s disdain of traditional political norms attracted Fratto to then candidate Trump- someone who could shock the political system.

Two years into his Trump’s Presidential term, Fratto admits things are a bit dysfunctional, but he’s sticking by his guy. Fratto believes the system is so rotted from within, dysfunction is something that could be beneficial- it certainly has motivated citizens from all political persuasions to tune into political as was seen by November’s near historic voter participation.

Fratto chats with Chilly Pete about politics in 2018, jumping from one hot button issue to the next with some predictions for the new year. They keep it civil and they both hope for calm in 2019, but Fratto admits calm is an unlikely political reality once Democrats take the Congressional gavel on January 3rd.

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