The NYC Hot Sauce Expo


Steve Seabury, the founder of High River Sauces, hopped on a phone call with us to talk all things Hot Sauce including next weekends NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Steve is a veteran of the Music Industry who loves heavy metal and spicy peppers. He left the music industry to start his own hot sauce company and hit the ground running.

We talked to Steve about High River Sauces “Cheeba Gold” Hot Sauce is featured on the current season of the hit Youtube Show “Hot Ones”, and how his Disney obsessed daughter wanted to name a hot sauce Bippity Boppity Boop but instead came up with “Foofoo Mama Choo”

In addition to owning High River Sauces, he is the owner and coordinator of The NYC Hot Sauce Expo, The California Hot Sauce Expo, and The Chicago Hot Sauce Expo. You can expect to see a Guinness Book of World Records Carolina Reaper Eating Challenge, The World’s Hottest Ramen Challenge, and of course the Chihuahua Beauty Pagent


You can still buy tickets here


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