Polish Heritage Center in Panna Maria, Texas – the oldest Polish settlement in the USA


Panna Maria is the site of the first and oldest Polish settlement in the United States and is listed in the US Register of Historic Places. That is the place that was established in 1854 by father Leopold Moczygemba, and it was first home for 100 Polish families that immigrated from Silesia region of Poland. 

Now, that is the site where Polish Heritage Center in Texas is being created. The 16,500 square foot building shell is complete. The organizers raised more than half of $14 million required to complete the construction.

As the organizers say, the Center will give “an opportunity to honor your ancestors, an opportunity to pay tribute to your forebears who sacrificed and sweated, and embraced the American Dream, paving the way for the rewards you are able to reap today.”

Our guest is John Cebrowski, director of development of the Polish Heritage Center in Panna Maria, TX. More information: http://www.polishheritagecentertexas.org/


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