Polish-American Judge Greg Lasak running for Queens District Attorney


Greg Lasak is a son of first generation immigrants from Poland – Michael Lasak and Jean Trochimowicz came from Krakow and settled in Woodside, Queens, where Judge Lasak was raised. He has served as a prosecutor for twenty-five years and a judge for fifteen.  He quickly rose through the ranks at the Queens District Attorney’s office to become Chief of the Homicide Bureau and Executive Assistant District Attorney for Major Crimes. 

While in the office, he prosecuted some of Queens’ most notorious cases, including the College Point Massacre, the largest mass murder in Queens History.  He created the first Domestic Violence Bureau in Queens and helped create Queens’ first diversion programs to give people a second chance and the help they need rather than jail time.  Starting in the 1990s, he began reinvestigating cases and worked to exonerate nearly two dozen men who were wrongfully convicted. 

He is running for Queens District Attorney. The election this year is hotly contested, and it’s the first competitive race for Queens DA in over twenty years.  Judge Lasak wants to reform the criminal justice system so that is fair for everyone while continuing to keep Queens safe from violent crime.  

He was a guest on Radio RAMPA 620 AM Live on Air on Saturday 6/22:



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