Jim Quinn wants to “Keep Queens Safe” running for Queens Borough President


RAMPA NEWS guest is Jim Quinn, former Senior Executive Assistant District Attorney in charge of the Trial Division in the Queens District Attorney Office, now running for Queens Borough President.

With the last day of 2019, he retired from the Queens DA’s office, where he was fighting crime for the last 42 years. He decided to run for Queens Borough President in order to still have a platform through which he can continue to serve the community. A Richmond Hill resident, who has been living in Queens his whole life, Jim Quinn has started a party called “Keep Queens Safe,” and one of his major goals, is to indeed do just that. Keeping the borough safe, is what Quinn considers a priority, as only then the residents can grow their families and businesses in the borough.

In conversation with Rampa News’ Monika Adamski, Jim Quinn talks about his stance on criminal justice reform, including “no cash bail reform,” closing Rikers Island (is it really a done deal?), education system, plans for allowing businesses to grown, and other plans for presidency.

Rampa News also asks Quinn about his experience with Polish-American Community.

The candidate encourages to vote in the special elections for the Queens Borough President that will be held March 24. 


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