Interview with NYC Council District 33 candidate, Lincoln Restler


Rampa News guest is Lincoln Restler, a Democratic Candidate for NYC Council in District 33. which includes Greenpoint. 

Lincoln Restler has been involved in NYC politics for many years, e.g. serving as a senior advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Aspiring to become a councilman, representing the district in which he lives, he shares his vision for Greenpoint neighborhood.

Lincoln Restler is for reforming NYPD and reallocating some of its funds to other agencies – civil and trained in specific matters; this topic is extensively discussed in the interview, as public safety and NYC budget are one of the most important issues in NYC today.

Lincoln also discusses his plan for education – he is generally against “gifted and talented” program in NYC public schools, and believes that admission to specialized high-schools should not solely be based on the test available now. Lincoln also plans to open a new public school in northern Brooklyn.

Lincoln Restler also discusses his plan for making the city more affordable, lowering NYC rent, organizing life and business after COVID, dealing with developers and congestion in the district.


#POLISHAMERICANVOTE we encourage to go out and vote in June 22 primaries. 



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