Interview with Lee Zeldin, Republican candidate for New York Governor


RAMPA News extended official invitation for an interview to both major candidates in the New York Gubernatorial race. Lee Zeldin agreed to an interview. Governor Kathy Hochul did not respond.

Rampa News guest is New York Gubernatorial candidate, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin. The interview was recorded on day before the Election Day, and Congressman Zeldin talked about the most important issues to him, as well as his connection to Polish American Community in the state of New York. 

Once elected Governor, Lee Zeldin wants to repeal Cashless Bail and Less is More Act, hire additional police officers statewide, end All COVID-19 Mandates, enact Voter ID. He opposes congestion pricing for NYC. Zeldin is a pro-life candidate.

Lee Zeldin in an interview for Radio RAMPA talks about his experiences with Americans of Polish origin and why the votes of the Polish community are important to him – he refers to his experience in the Congress and cooperation with the Polish diaspora – he recalls his visits to Poland. Congressman Zeldin also declares his support for the introduction of history lessons in public schools, involving the profiles of Polish American heroes, including Generals Kosciuszko and Pulaski. As potentially the first governor of Jewish descent in New York State, Zeldin also declares that he will be willing to contribute to building dialogue between the Jewish and Polish communities, if so desired.

Lee Zeldin emphasizes that these elections are not typical – not all voters will vote according to their party affiliation – this is about the future of New York – there are many registered Democrats who have declared their willingness to vote for him – including New York City Councilman Robert Holden.

Zeldin also talks about his plans to fight crime and the migrant crisis. He says he is willing to work with anybody – including the overwhelming number of democratic politicians who represent the State of New York – in order to fix the state. As Zeldin says, if he wins, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, will be the first person he calls on Wednesday morning.


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