RAMPA News guest is Curtis Sliwa, Republican candidate for NYC Mayor.

In 1979 Curtis established Magnificent 13, a team of volunteers, that agreed to ride the subway to keep it safe – soon later in became the Guardian Angels, a group which operates until today, and not only in NYC, but in over 100 cities and many countries around the globe. Guardian Angels volunteer to keep the city safe. Curtis Sliwa was born (in 1954) in a Catholic Family of Polish and Italian descent in Canarsie, Brooklyn. In 2009 he served as a Grand Marshall in the Pulaski Day Parade.

In an interview with Monika Adamski, Curtis Sliwa openly talks about his Polish heritage – he declares, that once he is elected Mayor, he will make sure Polish-American voice is not ignored in New York City anymore. He also declares, that he will make sure that history about prominent Polish-Americans, who fought for US independence is taught in schools. He also describes his family history and his one and only visit to Poland. 

Curtis Sliwa talks about his “why” for running for Mayor, bringing back the events of June 2020, when Guardian Angels were involved in protecting the City from looters. He is for the police, and one of his biggest campaign slogans is REFUND THE POLICE. To get the funds, he plans on imposing property tax on the wealthiest institutions like Madison Square Garden. 

Curtis Sliwa is pro-business and pro-capitalist. He would like to make it easier to open a business in New York, and also, get rid of some fees and regulations associated with running a business. 

Curtis Sliwa also talks about his approach to education – he would not like to get rid of Gifted and Talented Program or specialized high-schools , but, he would like to see these programs expanding. 

Curtsi Sliwa also criticizes cancel culture and restricting the freedom of speech. 

He believes that he will win the primaries in June, and face Andrew Yang in the general election. He also says, that in November he is planning to run as Independent, and Animal Rights activists – he wants to get rid of shelters, in which animals are killed. 

At the end, Curtis Sliwa addresses COVID regulations in the city – he himself is getting a vaccine, and he believes that majority of New Yorkers will do the same. He is however, totally against the, so called, Vaccination Passports. 

Radio RAMPA/Rampa News extended invitation for an interview to all major candidates for NYC Mayor and District 33 NYC Council candidates. We will be publishing the interviews with those who accepted the invitation on our English-language website www.RampaNews.com, and Polish-language website www.RadioRAMPA.com. We encourage eligible voters to register (deadline is May 28), and take part in elections (primaries are June 22). More information and to register, visit: Register to Vote | NYC Board of Elections   


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