Rampa News guest is Councilman Robert Holden, representing district 30. in New York City council. Councilman Holden represents Maspeth, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Woodhaven and Woodside. 

Councilman Holden discusses city’s plan to reopening, which is set to happen by July 1. He also talks specifically about his district, in terms of vaccination efforts, as well as helping small businesses. 

Councilman Holden also talks about upcoming elections – he is running to get reelected. He believes that if he did his job right, he will be reelected by his constituents. Councilman describes his biggest accomplishments and challenges. He also addresses his opponent’s, Juan Ardila, racists statements from the past.

Councilman Holden also talks about mayoral elections and what to look for when assessing the candidates. 


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