Interview with Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11)


RAMPA News guest is Nicole Malliotakis – US Representative for New York’s 11th Congressional District since 2021 – representing Staten Island and southern Brooklyn. She serves as the only Republican Congress Representative in the City of New York.

Malliotakis talks about her connection to Polish-American community in the district she represents. Her father came from Greece, and her mother came from Cuba – this experience of being a daughter of immigrants, is something she shares with many Polish-Americans. Malliotakis’ family was running away from socialism and communism, and because she understands what they really meant, she is now fighting to stop its spread in the United States. 

In conversation with RAMPA’s editor in chief Monika Adamski, Malliotakis talks about local issues pertaining to New York City – she comments on the recent attack in Brooklyn subway and talks about safety. She also discusses her stance on COVID restrictions. Malliotakis also discusses the national issues, pertaining to inflation and possibility of recession. She explains her support for Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 

One of the most important topic in the conversation is the foreign relations, especially with regards to Ukraine – Malliotakis has just been personally sanctioned by Russia, for supporting the efforts to help Ukraine. Congresswoman talks about Poland also – she supported the idea of moving MIG fighter jets from Poland, so that they could be given to Ukrainie. She also admits, that she believes President Biden could go to Ukraine to show his leadership. Malliotakis reminds us, that representatives of her own party, suggested sanctions against Russia in the weeks before the invasion.  

Congresswoman also talks about successful efforts of her office to help Ukrainian refugees and reunite Ukrainian families in her district.


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