Hudson Yards, AOC Bartending, 1 Whole Garlic


This week in Food News:

Hudson Yards STINKS!!!

Eater’s Ryan Sutton reviewed some of the most anticipated restaurants in NYC’s newest “neighborhood” and outside of David Chang’s Kawi, hated them all. He summarized Estiatorio Milos, a high-end greek seafood restaurant, “That’s the thing about Milos. You can have a reasonably grand meal here. You can have a reasonably average meal here. And yet the one constant is that on every visit, you feel cheated.” So he awarded it and Wild Ink both 0/4 Stars. He did award Milos Wine Bar 2/4 and David Chang’s Kawi 3/4 Stars.

I wound up in the Hudson Yards Mall last weekend and went to say Hello to former radio show guest Alex Lazaridis at The Drug Store.  This place is just a giant Ode to Capitalism, and I kind of hate it just on principle. It makes sense that most of these places aren’t good, just pretty and expensive.

You can read everything Eater had written about Hudson Yards here

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bartends this weekend

Former Bartender and currently the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going back to her roots and bartending in Queens this weekend. She hopes that her “Margarita and Mocktail game” is still on-point. We here at NotAFoodie are big AOC fans and proud that she represents part of our home borough. We also love her even more now that she wants to you to throw out that old Rose’s Lime Juice only use fresh citrus juices in your cocktails.

Read more about AOC getting back to her roots here

One Whole Garlic

The New York Times tweeted out their garlic and white bean dip recipe that called for an entire head of garlic but not to be afraid. Food Twitter or Garlic Twitter more specifically was not having it. Almost 85,000 people responded telling the New York Times that there is no such thing as too much garlic, especially sweet roasted garlic.

Read more about it here and view the recipe here


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