Fresh Pasta is Easy and Delicious


Mike decided to help open another restaurant, a high end Italian one this time. Tom made fresh Pasta Carbonara last week. They decided to combine both of their efforts and began a 3 part journey of Roman Pasta by starting with the basics, making your own fresh pasta. Tom is a pasta-making veteran who has been doing it for years, follows a simple ratio, and makes delicious pasta. Mike, hampered by the space of his kitchen, owns a home sized Pasta Extruder which he uses to make fresh pasta was well. They talk about why Fresh Pasta is so much better than boxed pasta, as well as guaranteed ways to get tons of likes on Instagram (hint: its the photo for this post)

The Ratio for Fresh Pasta
3 Parts Flour, 2 Parts Egg
1 Egg per person, each egg weighs about 50 grams and multiply the weight of the egg by 1.5 for the proper ration of perfect Fresh Pasta

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