Food News: Avocado’s and Millennials


Guacamole Cheese will be available for purchase starting May 1st at all 161 locations of fresh market.  This gouda-style cheese is pale green,and combines avocado, lime,chili,tomato,onion,and garlic.  It can be cubed to eat alone,shredded on nachos, or melted into a queso dip.

To quote a great mathematician Dr.Ian Malcolm “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”  Simply put this just shouldn’t  exist. Avocados and Cheese are both delicious things that do not need to be part of each others world. This is the new “dessert hummus”  a Frankenstein mashup of food that is made for clicks and insta-likes

In other avocado based news, a property developer in Vancouver is promising a year of Avocado Toast with everyone $300,000 condo sold. After purchasing the condo you get a gift card to an unnamed restaurant that would cover Avocado Toast or any other breakfast for a full year.

As NotAFoodie’s residential millennial, I think this is a hilarious marketing attempt but it’s getting people all over North America talking about  it.  The developers are also taking a 10% down payment  as opposed to one typically in the 15-25% range, which I think is much more enticing than slicing avocados on top of toast.

Lastly in Food News another old person is blaming Millennials for their failures. Jonathan Maze at Restaurant Business Online wrote this article saying that Millennials are to blame for casual restaurants chains profit drop. The fact of the matter is blaming everything on Millennials at this point is lazy.  Yes wages are on the rise and unemployment is low, but $15 minimum wage is still a low salary and rents are very high. If I just spent 40 hours working  for $600 before taxes, so a take home pay between $400-$500, why am I going to spend $30 of it at a crappy chain restaurant where everything is microwaved. Restaurants need to see that in addition to  being cost conscious  Millennials also want to know where their food is coming from,and be wowed by the flavor, not eat something  that just got popped into the microwave


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