(9) Chilly Underground – NY Preps for Legalized Cannabis, Personal Redemption in the #MeToo Age, and Seasonal Fashion with Tillie Adelson


This weeks show comes to you in three segments, blending marijuana legalization news out of New York State, Winter fashion updates from an LA Fashion influencer Tillie Adelson, and a serious ethical discussion revolving around the Me Too movement.

First we begin with a conversation around the breaking news out of Albany that Governor Cuomo is quickly changing his attitude on recreational cannabis as states around the country fully legalize with Michigan joining the club last week. Cuomo’s top aid publicly disclosed this past week that legislation is being drafted which could be introduced to the state legislature as soon as January. I speak with the Executive director, David Holland, of the Empire State chapter of The NationalOrganization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, to fully understand what the legislation looks like and to better understand the environment that has fostered this rapid breakthrough.

We then turn to this weeks ethical dilemma segment with Chabad Rabbi Yisroel Nissim and social worker Ariel PJ Stewart. In the Me Too age, we discuss the concept of redemption. I have personally been in talks with an individual who was very publicly judged in the court of public opinion in regards to sexual transgressions, and he’s considering a come back. Is it possible, and if so, what steps must they go through before publicly re-emerging?

And lastly we touch base with fashion blogger and influencer Tillie Adelson of My Stiletto Life, to hear about this seasons fashions trends for both males and females, and we talk about Payless Shoe stores recent viral marketing campaign which turned heads in and out of the fashion world and forced many to consider what defines fashion in the first place.


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