Let’s Talk about CBD, THC, and Food


CBD has quickly become the hottest Buzzword of 2019, so obviously, its time for Tom and Mike to talk about the future of the food industry in regards to CBD

The inventor of Jelly Belly, David Klein has started his own CBD Jelly Bean Company called Spectrum Confections. Martha Stewart has started a CBD for Pets company. Everywhere you look there is a new CBD product.

In regard to the future of Legal Marijuana Mike talks about his predictions of the future of the Restaurant Industry and what cannabis will bring to the table.

Gourmet Edible Bakeries: Less people are smoking, and the high-end bakery is on the rise

Cannabis Tasting Menus: They already exist, but soon they will be legal. Will it be regular restaurants and chefs doing it, or will it be “Weed Restaurants” and specialized Chefs running it


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