(3) Chillly Underground Brazil Raises Political Eyebrows & Wrongfully Convicted – the long Road to Redemption


Brazil Goes Poppulist- Understanding the Politics.

Brazil’s new President is taking the Western world by surprise with his heated rhetoric and aggressive politics. Who is Jair Bolsonaro and what lead to his rapid political rise in the worlds 4th largest democracy? Some analysts are calling Bolsonaro the Trump of South America, but is that comparison accurate?

Chilly Pete speaks with Brazilian political expert Rodrigo Soares to better understand the political realities that catapulted a recently unknown congressman into the international headlines. Is there reason to be concerned about the future of Brazil’s young democracy? Will Bolsonaro be able to remain scandal free?

“Wrongfully Convicted and the Road to Redemption”

Chilly Pete is joined in Studio with Jeffrey Deskovic, a wrongful conviction advocate who did 17 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit.

With the help of The nationally renowned Innocence Project, Deskovic managed to get out of prison and he now lives to prevent wrongful convictions around the United States. Jeffrey recalls the tragic details that landed him behind bars as well as the work he is now engaging in with his organization. What can listeners do to help this cause and what can be done at the political level? This engaging interview delves into this story of true tragedy and redemption.

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