(11) Chilly Underground- 2018 Political Year in Review From the Left and Right


Today is our 11th show, and it’s the last program of the 2018 calendar year. One of my main passions is politics, so I thought I would speak to two individuals who also share a passion of the political gridiron- one from political left and one from the political right- to hear what they thought of the past year- a year that would never end.

Due to the 24/7 wall to wall political coverage of the Trump Presidency, which typically goes from one scandal to to the next, sometimes scandals by Presidential Twitter design, it is harder and harder to keep track of time. Things just seem to be so blurry and keeping track of political data points continually is becoming tougher to do as our heads keep spinning. Congress doesn’t even convene until January 3rd, but the November election seems like it happened a year ago. The migrant children being taken into custody and put into change linked pens also seems like years ago, as does the Kim Jong Un/ Trump summit, but that too happened this past year. 

We speak to Patrick McGill- a Washington DC based Democratic political consultant who is currently very bullish after what he dubs Novembers election- a Blue Tsunami. We are then joined by a Western NY attorney and Trump supporter , Mario Fratto, who sees things very differently. He’s much more pessimistic about the months to come, especially with this new Democratically controlled Congress, and Fratto sadly believes the political tribalism the country witnessed this past fall during the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing will be more of what we come to expect as normal in 2019. For our countries sake, I hope that is not the case.

So for this week it is two civil political conversations, from both sides of the aisles.

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