(10) Chilly Underground- Sunnyside Fire Update, Top Music of 2018, and a Conversation on Spirituality


Todays show comes to you in three segments, beginning with local New York news, 2018 Music Review, and as we approach Christmas we have a conversation regarding living a spiritually guided ethical life.

First we begin with a conversation with the head of Sunnnyside Queens Chamber of Commerce and the co-founder of Access Queens, Melissa Orlando, who briefs us on last weeks tragic 5 alarm fire that decimated 6 stores in the Sunnyside’s commercial district. With the holiday quickly approaching, Melissa describes the amazing organic ways in which the Sunnyside community has come together and rallied for all parties involved and she outlines ways that you can help Sunnyside’s residents in overcoming this tragic event.

We then turn to Axios Economics reporter Dion Rabouin, who generously took some time to moonlight as a music critique, but don’t worry- we also discussed the markets latest bout of volatility. Dion runs down his six top albums of 2018 and we discuss several other music highlights including the rapid rise of Cardi B and emergence of musical superstar Kacey Musgraves who takes Dion’s number position in 2018.

Lastly, we air a formerly unaired portion of my conversation with Reverened Dr Katrina Foster of St John’s Lutheran Church here in Greenpoint, about what it means to live a life of faith and what that does for the community where we live. Reverened Foster discusses what goes into her daily decision making process and how it leads to a more fulfilling and uplifting life that also fosters community and personal growth.


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