US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher talks about Poland – Radio RAMPA in Warsaw


Radio RAMPA visited US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher in her residence in Warsaw. The interview took place on November 13, exactly a week after the Visa Waiver Program for Poland was announced, and two days after it started being effective.

Ambassador Mosbacher talks about the backstage of the decision on including Poland into the Visa Waiver Program – our country was waiting for that moment for over two decades. How did it happen so quickly? What steps had to be made? How the date of November 11 was chosen?

Ambassador Mosbacher also talks about her memories associated with Poles, about Polish-American alliance and what’s next in her agenda. She describes her cooperation with Polish government: Monika Adamski, the editor in chief of Radio RAMPA, asks Madam Ambassador if there is anything that troubles her in Poland and if there is anything in Poland, that she would want to see at home? Ambassador describes Poland as a strong NATO leader in the Eastern flank, and appreciates what Poland has achieved for the last 30 years.

Ambassador is also asked how does she respond to the situation in the United States – how in her opinion President Donald Trump deals with the impeachment proceedings?

At the end, Ambassador talks about her values, what keeps her in line when it comes to dealing with difficult people and situations and her most memorable “NO” moments.


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