RAMPA News exclusive: MTA CEO has Polish citizenship!


Radio RAMPA visited MTA headquarters on Wednesday, only to find out that MTA’s CEO and Chairman – John (“Janno”) Lieber – has a Polish citizenship!

Janno Lieber has been in office since January 2022. In an exclusive interview with Radio RAMPA, the head of MTA talked about his POLISH CITIZENSHIP, which he officially received a year ago. His name – JANNO – is actually JANEK, in honor of his father’s uncle, Janek, who died in 1940 fighting the Nazis for Poland. Grandfather of Janno Lieber was born in Krakow. Hear this story only on Radio RAMPA.


During the Wednesday media briefing, the most important issues regarding the improvement of safety in the New York subway or the plan to introduce “congestion pricing” were discussed – the report from this meeting will be published soon on Radio RAMPA.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority is the largest public transit authority in the United States. MTA is responsible, among others, for the New York City subway, buses, Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad.


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