Massachusetts Legalizes and is Open for Business – What You Need to Know

Kamani Jefferson, President of Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, on election night 2016, the night Mass voters chose to legalize marijuana state wide.

Late Friday afternoon, the state of Massachusetts announced that after two years of waiting, the sale of recreational cannabis would begin on Tuesday, November 20th, in two Massachusetts locations. This will be the first state on the East coast to fully legalize for recreational use for residents over 21, and with New Jersey toying with the idea, this could put the pressure on New York to jump in on the action.

Chilly Pete spoke by phone with Kamani Jefferson, President of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council to understand what to expect as a consumer as well as a citizen. Is the system ready for roll out? Who is growing for the state? What is going to happen to the black market now that the state is looking to make revenue from the legal sale of cannabis?

Kamani has all the answers to your questions.

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