Greenpoint: youth group dangerous bicycles rides worry the residents


“Wreck-less” riding, that’s how one person described the behavior of a group of youngsters, driving their bicycles on the Queens/Brooklyn streets. As shown in the video, recorded on August 6, at around 6 p.m. on Review Ave. in Queens, near the Greenpoint Ave. bridge, a group of bicyclists block the road – as the cars started to honk in order to alert them, the cyclists start riding, but are also attacking the drivers, showing them middle fingers, driving exactly toward the cars at the wrong direction, and passing the red light. One from the group even took his pants off, to show his bare butt to the drivers, who couldn’t pass the Greenpoint Ave. bridge. 

Many people commented on the video uploaded by Radio RAMPA, admitting that this is not the first time, they see a behavior like this, and that they are deeply disturbed by it. “I see these kids in Greenpoint on the streets all the time. If you don’t move over on the road for them they try ripping your mirror off or try to damage your car,” said Mateusz Damian. “These kids have been riding around on Grand Avenue for years. I always say to myself that someone is going to be killed when I see them and how they ride their bikes so wreck-less,” said Cindy Bouchard-Saleh. “This is what happens when kids no longer fear their parents. They need to bring back spanking your kids and taking their bikes away when they do stupid crap like this or you will be going to their funeral later or visiting them in jail,” said Henry Bauer.

One person commented, that a similar situation occurred earlier that same day, near school in Greenpoint – the group was supposedly blocking parents picking up their children from school. It was only after the intervention of the principal, that the group supposedly departed the school area. Another person wrote, that similar incidents happen in Staten Island. Yet, one more person bluntly asked: “Where is the police?”


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