Guitar Phenom Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer Delves into the Creative Process


Brandon “Taz” Niederauer picked up the guitar when he was 8 years old, and he rarely puts it down. By age 10 he was playing songs by request for Ellen Degeneres on her nationally syndicated TV program and the rest is history. His next move to was to star in the Broadway hit musical “School of Rock.” His musical prowess has turned heads across the music landscape, getting him playing time at the nations top music festivals with blues legends such as Buddy Guy and B.B. King , to metal gods like Slash, to his idol Derek Trucks. 

Now that Brandon is in high school and maturing as an artist, he brings his talents to Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge on Saturday night, November 8th. Before the show, Brandon spoke with Chilly Pete in a wide ranging interview and lets him into his creative process both as a rising musical star and as a person who is trying to hang on to a sense of normalcy.  

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