Congressman Dan Donovan (R) on midterm elections, immigration, Fort Trump and his Polish roots (Audio)


Radio RAMPA’s guest is Daniel Donovan, US Representative for New York’s 11th Congressional district, including Staten Island and South Brooklyn. As a Republican, Dan Donovan was endorsed by President Donald Trump before the primaries. Now, he will be facing a democratic candidate Max Rose on November 6, 2018.

In our conversation we start off with talking about Congressman’s Polish roots and his Polish upbringing. But then we switch the topic to the upcoming midterm elections: will the Republicans keep the majority? How have the last weeks, and especially the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh, affected the politics and what is to come? Radio RAMPA asks about Donovan’s stance on immigration issues, including the solution to the undocumented immigrants already in New York City, as well as the case of lessening the penalties for the use of marihuana in public.

Additionally, we discuss Staten Island’s position in seceding from New York City, and how do the borough fight to get their demands fulfilled. 

Radio RAMPA asks Congressman’s opinion on the proposed US military base to be build in Poland.

Please listen, as we broadcast the interview in video version on 10/9/2018.


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