(6) Chilly Underground – Comedian Josh Gondelman’s Modern Seinfeld Boom, Ethical Dilemmas, and an American Observing Trump America from North of the Border


Chilly Underground debuts its first comedy segment on this edition, welcoming comedian and Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman to the studio. The interview was a throwback to when Josh’s ‘Modern Seinfeld’ Twitter account was beginning to surge into prominence and he spoke about what it was like to be riding the sudden Twitter boom, to the point where real life Seinfeld actors were giving him praise. Gondelman also discusses his Boston comedy roots and joined co-host Ben Conrad for a round of Seinfeld inspired trivia.


Lauren Daab moved to Canada in November 2016, the same month Donald Trump won the Presidency. She joined Chilly Pete to discuss what it has been like being abroad during the Trump Presidency, a very odd political time in American history. Daab discusses the constant Trump fascination she confronts from our Northern neighbors, as well as what it’s like watching from the sidelines as political norms and institutions are challenged on a daily basis. 


Rabbi Yisroel Nassim joins Chilly Pete for the programs “Ethical Dilemma” segment. In this edition, questions such as when is the right time to disclose ones large student loan debt to a significant other, and if it is ever okay to keep secret the fact that certain young children in baby group are not vaccinated at the request of a parent. 


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