Street Food and Guys Grocery Games


Street Food is Netflix’s newest debut in the world of Food Documentaries. In the same vein as Chef’s Table. It highlights street food from around the world. Esquire magazine  gave it the highest praise saying it fills a”Bourdain-Sized hole in Food TV.”  Tom and I are obviously both big street food guys. The photo for this blog post is of the Boat Noodle Soup I ate at a Night Market in Bangkok. I went with a friend of a friend who just ordered for me. I’ve said before how the soups in Thailand are out of this world, with crazy depths of flavor. This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Somehow we went from Street Food to Guy’s Grocery Games. I’ve watched a few hours of this show(compared to like a million hours of Chopped) and I am pretty sure with my combination of IQ, Fitness, and Cooking knowledge that I would absolutely clean up on this show.  I am very good with thinking on my feet, deceptively fast, and of course, I can throw down in the kitchen. I went to their casting site but they only cast actual chefs unfortunately


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