Sam Doyle Talks Wine Trends and Value Bottles for 2019


Sam Doyle, the head of the craft beer program and wine buyer for Wine Library, stops by to talk about 2019 Wine Trends, how to sell wine online vs in retail or at a restaurant, and most importantly his favorite value wine

Sam’s Picks

Swagger Cabernet Sauvignon: Not a Value Wine per se but for $50 significantly outperforms Napa Cabs in the $75 dollar range

2015 Rouge Bleu Cote Du Rhone: Completely Biodynamic, full-bodied funky wine meant to drink with food

2017 Saint Roch Touraine Sauvignon Blanc: Drinks like a Sancerre for half the price

2017 KC Lab Zinfandel: All Natural Spicy and Peppery Zinfandel. 12%


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