Mike’s Guide to Italian Wine Pairing


Mike has been studying Italian Wine nonstop and has come up with great pairings for all 4 Roman Sauces, all wines should be easy to find and affordable

Cacio E Pepe and Pecorino: The Pecorino grape originates in Marche, and is named from the root word Pecora, which means Sheep. It’s rumored that Sheep would eat the grapes while moving through the vineyards. Dry and Minerally with nice Acidity

Pasta a la Gricia and Prosecco: Bubbles with Fat and Salt is the perfect pairing. While this isn’t Champagne and Fried Chicken, it’s certainly a knockout

Carbonara and Gavi di Gavi: The Crown Jewel of White Wines in the world famous Piedmont Region of Italy. The grape is actually Cortese, but the wine is named after the town in which it is made. Bone Dry with Great Acidity and Medium Body

Amatriciana and Cesanese: I wanted to include 1 traditionally Roman wine, even though some Pecorino is produced in Lazio. This funky medium plus bodied wine has notes of cranberry sauce and wild game, and will pair wonderfully with your Amatriciana. Remember “What Grows Together Goes Together”

Do you have a favorite wine pairing with Roman Pasta? Let us know DM us @notafoodieshow


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