Introducing, The NotAFoodie Show


Hi everyone! It’s Tom from the NotAFoodie Show. I just wanted to write a quick note introducing myself, my co-host Mike, and tell you a little bit about the NotAFoodie Radio Show.

Almost a decade ago, I started a blog called At the time, part of my job was working with bloggers. I quickly caught the “blogging bug” myself. I decided to start NotAFoodie because I felt like there weren’t any blogs focused on demystifying cooking. I was never professionally trained in the culinary arts, but I always liked to experiment and figure things out as I went along. I decided that people might find that interesting. The blog led to many adventures in the culinary world. I had the opportunity to work with world-famous chefs and popular food-based publications.

Five or six years ago, while my wife and I were having dinner at a local steakhouse, I met my co-host, Mike. He was our waiter. We got to chatting. He had heard of the blog and, when we realized that we lived in the same neighborhood, we quickly became friends. In early 2017, Mike asked if I had ever thought about turning the blog into a podcast. I told him that I had, but I didn’t want to do it alone. “I’m in!” was his reply. From there, the NotAFoodie podcast was born. The podcast is truly a labor of love that we look forward to recording every week.

When we were approached by Radio RAMPA about creating a radio show based on the podcast, we jumped at the opportunity. We love to talk about food, food-culture, restaurants, chefs, cooking, and pretty much anything else that amuses us. We are honored to share our passions with all of you!

Tune in to the NotAFooodie Show on Saturdays from 2pm-3pm on 620AM Radio RAMPA! 

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This is our mascot. We have been trying to name him or her for approximately 2 years. If you have any suggestions, please DM us on Instagram- @notafoodieshow


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