Crack Pies, CBD Burgers, Charitable Chefs


This week in food news is very drug-centric. Milk Bar has renamed its Crack Pie and Carls Jr. is releasing a 4/20 CBD Burger. Massimo Battura is working hard and feeding the homeless.

After being slammed by critics for “Crack Pie” being offensive, Christina Tosi of Milk Bar has changed the foods name to Milk Bar Pie. Milk Bar is the second establishment this year to replace the phrase “crack” in their food, the first being HopCat, a large gastropub franchise in Michigan, they changed their “crack fries” to “galaxy fries”. The year is 2019, and even though the crack epidemic has softened up, there are still thousands of people addicted to crack, and it is not something to make light of. Source

Fast Food Chain Carl’s Jr is releasing a CBD infused burger for one day to test it out and see if there is a demand. Tom predicted that a fast food chain would put a CBD infused item on their menu back in January. Carl’s Jr is only releasing the burger for 1 day(4/20, obviously) at one location(Denver, obviously) to see if it is something that they should pursue for the rest of the country. Source

Massimo Battura was nominated as one of one Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019. He has started community kitchens all over the world that serve restaurant quality food and feed the homeless, refugees, and the food insecure. Feeding the food insecure is a big topic for this episode, as we interview Matt Jozwiak, the President of ReThink Food, an organization that dedicates themselves to feeding the food insecure. Source




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