Clare Langan Talks About Her Life As A Culinary Producer


Clare Langan is a Culinary Producer, Food Stylist, and Chef.  She studied Fashion, worked in Private Equity, and then went to Culinary School. She became a Personal Chef and taught cooking classes all over the city.  She started doing food styling and helped produce the famous “Hands and Pans” style cooking videos that used to be all over Facebook.

A friend of Clare’s was a teacher at Sur La Table and got into a bike accident. He needed someone to take over his job while he was hurt and Clare took over for him. Over the course of 4 years, she went from Teacher to Head Chef of the NYC Sur La Table.  She began looking into opening her own Cooking School but was contacted by Chef Joel Gamoran about his TV show Scraps getting greenlit.

Scraps is a food and travel about Food Waste. Joel Gamoran and crew go all over the country teaming up with local chefs to cook dinner parties made out of repurposed foods. They make dishes like pasta sauce out of carrot tops.

Unfortunately, we just met Clare and she is already leaving us. Clare is moving from NYC to San Francisco because she ate a strawberry. While at a farmers market someone gave her a single strawberry and it’s the best one she has ever eaten. It was red all the way through and jam-packed full of flavor. She is also moving to a home with an Avocado Tree, Lemon Tree, and Artichoke Tree.

We wish Clare a safe move to the West Coast and that she has an incredible future with whatever she decides to do.


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